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Starting Monday, August 16, 2021, at 10:00 A.M. U.S. Eastern.

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1. Symptoms and Root Causes of Vagus Nerve Dysfunction from Navaz Habib, DC, AFMCP

In this free video, learn:

  • Location of the vagus nerve and its many functions
  • Issues that can impact vagus nerve health 
  • Ways to measure vagus function

38. Balancing Neurotransmitters to Optimize Vagus Function from Trudy Scott, CN

In this free video, learn:

  • Research on vagus nerve, anxiety and mood
  • Using GABA for anxiety
  • Vagus nerve function and low serotonin anxiety

16. EFT, Polyvagal Theory and the Mind-Body Connection from Craig Weiner, DC

In this free video, learn:

  • Traversing the brain-body connections
  • Ventral vagal, sympathetic and dorsal vagal response
  • Different applications of EFT

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Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), mIAHT

Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), mIAHT

Dr. Eva Detko is a natural healthcare practitioner, author and speaker who has studied natural medicine and the human mind for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of human physiology, biochemistry, nutritional sciences and bioenergetics, and uses a wide range of mind-transforming modalities, including Havening Techniques®, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP and applied psychoneuroimmunology. Having successfully recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and reversed Hashimoto's thyroiditis, she now helps others recover their health.


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